Membrane Elements

and Units

  • For hydrogen and helium concentration
  • For contaminating impurity removal
  • For hydrocarbon gases treatment and separation

R&P Co. Grasys

Research and Production Company (R&P Co.) Grasys is focused on manufacturing equipment designed to generate and separate gas fluids.

The company's key business line includes development and production of membrane units designed to concentrate and recover desired gases and to remove contaminating impurities.

Membrane technology

Hollow fiber membrane

manufactured by R&P Co. Grasys

Grasys technology enables to efficiently meet process challenges owing to applicability of different selective layers and fiber geometry diversity.

Membrane elements
manufactured by R&P Co. Grasys
Various process tasks optimization for gas treatment is implemented owing to diversity capabilities of the membrane element parameters, such as geometrical dimensions, gas feed direction.

Membrane Elements (Cartridges)
Manufactured by R&P Co. Grasys

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Problems to address

Helium membranes

  • Helium impoverishment in product gas to meet the Customer’s requirements. Simultaneously, there occurs decrease in СО2 content, and additional gas drying;
  • Generating a helium-rich flow for further injection into formation;
  • Generating helium concentrate (40..90% mol.) that can be used as feedstock for further commercial helium production.

Hydrogen membranes

  • Hydrogen concentration and producing up to 90-99.9% hydrogen-rich gas flow;
  • H2/СО adjustment in synthesis gas.

Natural Gas membranes

  • Impoverishment of CO2, hydrogen sulfide;
  • Drying of natural and other gases (water dew point varying from -10°С and below);
  • Reducing inert gases concentration;
  • Increasing methane content in colliery gas.

Biogas membranes

  • Biogas upgrading to biomethane (removal of CO2 and other impurities).

Nitrogen membranes

  • Nitrogen generation (purity up to 99.5%).
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Membrane Units

Manufactured by
R&P Co. Grasys

  • R&P CO. Grasys gas treatment units are easy to maintain and stipulate unmanned operation;
  • The unit can be supplied in a transportable package of pre-fab ready-to-operate version, which significantly contributes to time reduction while making deep cuts in installation cost;
  • The technology requires no thermal power;
  • The unit is capable of varying its performance from 5% to 100% of the nominal value;
  • The unit operating mode is continuous without stopping for PM;
  • Low operating costs.

R&P Co. Grasys

Manufacturing Facility

R&P Co. Grasys' manufacturing facility is one of a number of companies across the globe specializing in production of hollow fiber gas separation membranes and membrane elements.
Membrane manufacturing facility
Membrane units manufacturing facility

Implemented Projects

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